What we do

Perhaps we won't surprise you by stating that, the perception of testing is not very positive in most cases regardless of the company size. In the technological revolution of the 21st century, the majority of companies engaged in software development still see the testing process as a disadvantage rather than an advantage. The management believes that testing requires significant resources and doesn't always provide a clear picture of the process efficiency. Additionally, there is a lack of real control over testers, whether from the client or developer side.

Drawing inspiration from its own experiences, FrontEndART Software Ltd. embarked on the development of the TestNavigator source code coverage measurement system in the early 2010s. The initial version of this solution provided method-level measurements. In 2012, this solution perfectly served their banking clients, but the development team saw a new direction for progress.

In 2023, TestNavigator entered the market with advanced change detection technology. Our goal is to provide high-quality software for our clients throughout the entire lifecycle of their projects. The TestNavigator real-time test optimization system helps us reduce the number of errors and provides an accurate picture of the product's quality, thereby increasing our clients' competitiveness and satisfaction. Take your testing process to a new level with TestNavigator!